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Js Concrete LLC specializes in resting and installing concrete walls for your property. Whether you want a utility wall, retaining wall, or decorative wall, our experts can add any hardscape you desire. Not all concrete is made equal, so using high-quality materials and equipment in your concrete flatwork is essential. With good craftsmanship, you will save money in the long run when you avoid any replacements and don’t have to worry about frequent concrete repair work. Our concrete will remain sturdy and last a long time. Sound concrete walls will not only look great, but they will be functional, too. Benefits of having concrete walls on your property include additional privacy as well as separation between parts of your property. These walls can be dividers between walkways and grass, gardens and mulch, and much more. You can have your wall sit next to your patio, act as a boundary between landscaping and water features, or hold back water or dirt. We offer services to our clients that are both affordable and aesthetically pleasing. We will always make sure that any walls added to your property integrate seamlessly into your existing landscape and decorative features. When you trust us with your concrete projects, you can count on us for great results. Contact us for concrete installation in the Houston, MN, area today.

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